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The Women in Mining Association Namibia (WiMAN) was established in April 2017 by a group of exceptional women aiming to brighten the spotlight on the role that they play in one of Namibia’s largest GDP contributing sectors. With the association being dedicated to promoting and progressing the development of women in the mining and processing sector, WiMAN is truly a significant platform for highlighting Namibian Gems. The underlying concept of female leadership is embedded in a woman’s unique ability to create a balance between “a soft empathic character” and “a hard action-related character”. Furthermore, the various achievements and unique qualities that the members of WiMAN posesses make a huge contribution to productivity in the mining industry through stability, cohesiveness, moral and general well-being and positive growth.

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A woman in mining organization that has the goal to attract more females to the mining sector and assist them to reach their full potential. We support women working in the mining industry through providing access to education, skills development,...